Man Who Started Fire In London Speaks!

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Man Who Started Fire In London Speaks!

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  • Yeah he replied im busy im busy bc yes he was too busy for your bullshit hype over thestory. Fact 1 faulty pipes =faulty electrics faulty Electrics = fires
    Fact 2 Negligence and greed! Banned Flammable zero graded Cladding to light the firework tower more!!
    Fact 3 classisem! The TITANIC ring any bells?! all for the rich and ignorant. No Fire safety regulations for the poor infirm or refugees?! No give all to rich.
    Fact 4 make up lies add crisps actors spread propoganda quickly to confuse the public. stories become changed confused mixed up into lies! the truth stinks further below the surfice. more money generated for the rich areas. grief stricken peoples misplaced spread out across UK. When calm arrives a year or two later rebuilding plans greedy Constructors and planners ready to move in for profits. Then the next plots begins! Revolutionise Riot and your Made into an example. Weave No rights but we keep on fighting for them. we have No voices but we shall be heard!

  • And wtf are you?! with your fakeass story! its bullshit dont listen to this its all lies!! No fridge fire! faulty electric and Gas Banned graded zero Flammable Cladding. A fake identity of a man who has not spoken once to the media about his experience!! and to mention a black Man started the fire!!!? LIES! you tryto spread your lies as quick as that fire! i wont let you! your just as bad speaking bs!

  • this video a waste of time just a load of speculation and comments read out by a fool in a different country tryna get view on his channel. the guy that starts the fire don't speak he just reading a load of comments and watching the same video as everyone else. your be a fool to take this guy word serious he don't no shit it's all speculation. that's 13 minutes of my life I won't get back!

  • Bet you good money the fridge was plugged into a cheap 6 gang socket block with lord knows what plugged into it… These people have no sense of health and safety and only moan like stuck pigs when the Shit hits the fan and even then it is everyone else and their dogs fault and not theirs… This is what you get when a government decides that we need yet another Kebede to come to the UK from where ever the fuck he originated from to be fucking mini-cab driver… These people have no concern for the safety of others… I can take you to flats within a half mile of Grenfell tower where every room is full of mattresses, three bed dwellings, designed for a family of four, filled with ten or more Africans/Poles/Romanians… Most of the illegal in the UK, none of them paying tax or insurance contributions… This is exactly what you can expect after successive governments employ an open door policy and consequently have absolutely no idea who the fuck is coming and going in the country, what the fuck they are up to (terrorism etc) I wonder how many of the Somalians/Ethiopians who's 3 bed flats went up in flames in the Grenfell tower atrocity ask the council for a six bed house to house them all…

  • Why did the man who says his fridge caught fire and his neighbour in the floor below (who says she looked into his burning flat) leave the fire door to his flat open? Why did they not call 999 or 911 immediately? Why did they not knock on everyone's doors shouting "FIRE!" "FIRE!"? Why did the fire breaks (should be at every floor level) not function? Why didn't the fire and smoke seal doors to the stairs (normally 1 or 2 hour resistance) function? Why did the government not change the Building Regulations for the cladding to non-combustible? Regardless of Building Regulations, why did the local authority not specify non-combustible cladding? Why were non-combustible steel or aluminium windows not specified? Following the refurbishment, why did the Fire Brigade sign off the building for occupation? Because mains water pressure will not reach apartments above Normally in high rise buildings, there are cold water storage/break tanks Why were there no fire extinguishers in each kitchen and lift lobby? Why did fire alarms (if installed) not sound? Who of the refurbishment contractor's staff was competent for verifying the design (duty of care – fit for purpose)?
    Politicising the failures will not answer these questions or prevent a fire elsewhere. It was reported yesterday that there is at least one similarly clad block in east London. What temporary and urgent measures are being activated to make such blocks safe? Why wait for councils to send samples of cladding to the government for testing? If cladding is not non-combustible, there is no excuse for delaying an action plan.
    Risk based appraisals to design and specification are, by their subjective nature, inappropriate where health and fire are concerned. All tall buildings should have a secondary means of escape in case of fire. These can be constructed retrospectively.

  • If you check the statements from survivors AND the whistleblowers re: gov mismanagement and a substandard contractor: There were NO ALARMS IN THE BUILDING TO GO OFF. There were NO fire extinguishers, only ONE escape route for the whole building. THOSE things were all on the record with the gov that it was substandard and needed to be addressed. The Contractor encased the whole building in aluminum..If you are familiar with the flammability AND the fierce heat generated by aluminum sheeting (mobile homes for instance) AS WELL AS the extreme difficulty in putting those fires out and looooong burn time..There are your answers. For ONCE this has NOTHING to do with race, religion or a hate crime..This was the poor all stuffed into a substandard, unsafe building with no alarms or extinguishers AND a completely inappropriate fire emergency policy. Gov Beaurocrats, corruption and greed.

  • Wow, I had to do a search to find out how the fire started! a black man from Africa! Now I bet I would not have had to do a search if it was a clean shaven white man for England whose fridge started the fire.

  • dude, take the gum or candy out your mouth. ridiculous. oh, and quit being a shill and pushing disinformation. you know this story is not true. please. im glad i unsubscribed. i hope others do too. they can read these articles themselves with a lot less mistakes, too. go repent

  • this man run of like pussy whith bug of clouths hi shude stay and and try disconnect electricity and youse water buckets of water that was only a fridge in flames not fucking petrol station!All those people lost their lives in absolutely dramatic and extremely brutally way R.I.P

  • He killed them all.!
    No-one else, not the council, not the government, not the prime minister, no-one else.!
    He should be in jail, 45 years or more.!

  • We did have certain types of fridges and cloth dryers catching fire in the UK in the past. It could be one of those brand that caused this fire.

  • so I come to a video to see a interview with the man who started the fire, but when the video starts playing, it's some dude reading a fucking news article, something I could do on my own. then I see the channel name and realize it's a fucking conspiracy channel.

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