• Its confusing
    Surah 4:56
    Asad : for, verily, those who are bent on denying the truth of Our messages We shall, in time, cause to endure fire: [and] every time their skins are burnt off We shall replace them with new skins, so that the may taste suffering [in fu11]. 73 Verily, God is almighty wise.
    Malik : Those who rejected Our revelations will soon be thrown into the Fire. No sooner will their skins be burnt out than We shall replace their skins, so that they may taste the real torment. Allah is Mighty, Wise.

  • why don't we see terrorist attack title.? ? OWH WAIT YEAH, because this isn't terror it's only terror when non religious people get killed " by muslims" owh yeah ofc silly me.

  • That is one absurdly large baby.
    And in regards to it not being Khan's fault, that is only partially correct. Being Islamic doesn't make you neglect fire codes, but being Mayor Khan in particular, prior to this tragedy, seems to accepted the status quo culture that allowed this insanity of code negligence to fester. It is quite right to righteously scream and blame him for not backing more stringent codes from day one in office, for not visiting with fire chief's constantly, probing for competency and incompetency in them, showing them he wanted not good enough, but the very best, and searching out for new ideas and new officers with innovative ideas, while harshly targeting and denouncing slums like this hellhole.
    He didn't take a proactive approach in this regard. He was too busy being butthurt about Trump and Brexit. A true leader would of focused instead on essentials, searching out the problems and solutions. He doesn't hold the blame alone, heck, I don't think this is technically within his legal area, but the city of London sets the standards. His standards were lacking in influence or coming up short.
    Let me put it this way. In the US, we have fire planes and fire copters, able to do target hits. Could this of solved the fire? No, but may of contained it a tad but more for longer, allowing people to escape. Why wasn't this on Khan's agenda from day one, to acquire such craft? In the US, we have fire escape ladders internally to apartments you can buy, mandated in some places by far thinking mayors. They don't reach forever, but several can connect story after story. Lots could of been saved by trying for 1st world standards rather than 3rd world standards. Likewise, I saw many trapped the whole night 7-8 stories up. In the US, we have ladders able to reach that high. That should of been taken care of in hours. You can do window rescues that way, or throw rope up from that high up to descend. City of London could of done a emergency force aquistion of all climbing rope, asked skilled climbers to give gear and expertise getting people out, etc in areas on on fire externally but only internally (second floor up was in flames).
    It appears Khan was less interested in being a good far thinking mayor, and more a Muslim poster boy to help the self esteem of the locals. This makes him a terrible mayor. I'd rather a highly competent mayor who coincidently is or isn't a Muslim, vs a clear Muslim posterchild and then being faced with videos of Muslims hanging out of the 25th floor of buildings burning up in flames, praying to god. I will take a damn pagan mayor who provides me with good building codes and exceptional, adaptive, quick solving responses over a Muslim who merely looks good but is really crap, and has to he constantly defended and apologized for. Someone fire Khan and replace him with a police chief, he isn't some sacred cow, he is a valid target for the butcher block of failed administrators. When you fail at your job, on this scale, you lose it, and someone who is a expert in fixing it replaces you. That's the essence of democracy.

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