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London attack: 1 woman reportedly kiIIed, others injured in Westminster Bridge ‘terr0r’ incident
One woman is dead after a car plowed into a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge in London on Wednesday afternoon.
As many as 10 others were injured, according to the London Ambulance Service.
Some are said to have suffered “catastrophic” injuries, the U.K. Press Association reports.
A suspect was shot outside the Houses of Parliament after reportedly stabbing a police officer.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing a person with a knife within the grounds of the palace of Westminster.
Parliament was placed on lockdown, according to a parliamentary official.
British police are treating the incident as terrorism, and a full counterterrorism investigation is under way. DRIVE FOR UBER 250$ FREE



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  • why didn't this happen during the Olympics? more people would have died. more people would have gotten injured. but more importantly, it would drive home a stronger message about letting people like this in these european coutries……..and as I write this———— watch the reporters disspell my statement by reporting that a chinese was the assailant!!!!

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