The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

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Sources used for this video:

The Future of the Global Muslim Population

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The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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  1. what a stupid video… when a refugee comes into a country all you are doing is importing poverty.. and with poverty correlates crime… big thumbs DOWN!!!!!!!!.  Europe has enough problems now you are importing Syria's problems into Europe. how can you be so bladdy arrogant to thing you can help and fix Syria's problems.

  2. 1. America bombs the Middle East.
    2. The people living there running away from bombs and bullets.
    3. Europe is the best place to go where there is no bomb or bullet flying.


  3. It's shameful how America has turned its back to a refugee crisis we created. The fact is America created Isis when it conquered Iraq, and guess what the aftermath has not been a cakewalk. We might pride ourselves to a fallen Saddam Husian statue and a purple index finger, but as it stands now our legacy is how we deny entry to what is a nation of immigrants to the victims of hardship we have created.

  4. I used to agree with this video but the crimes that have occurred in Germany and France have completely changed my mind, and I think that applies to many others as well.

  5. But he forgot all the economical refugees. -_- If we help the people that flee from war, other economical refugees will also come and they are NOT welcome in the EU.

  6. hAvent yall mother lover learned if we all work together help our brothers and sister and build them up we can become one gigant productive and efficient organism as a whole..if we keep putting boundaries we will only create hate and conflict .becoming one organism as a whole is our future just lile the cells in our body created other systems …

  7. It's true that we should help these refugees because it is right and humane thing to do. But why does Europe such as Germany, Italy and France are deporting refugees?Why the sudden change of heart? I believe because some of these refugees caused a lot of trouble. Crime rate went up, a lot of women were either harassed or raped, terrorist attacks happened. If this is how some of the refugees repay Europe for welcoming and helping them in their time of crisis, then I believe the nations who refused them in the first place made a wise decision.

  8. I'm not liking but my class wrote to the prime minister of New Zealand about refugees and he sent back to us that he was going to raise the amount of refugees coming New Zealand before we wrote they were only letting in 850 refugees after we wrote he raised it 1000

  9. i am turkish but not living there , reading n hearing everyday about syrians n turks conflicts in every parts of turkey sadly , both party is muslim , yet turks dont want them , i dont blame syrians cause turkish gov is to blame what happen in syria , as we all know western countries n usa is the one created this mass , those poor people had to leave their country and nobody wants them moreover they need to be educated by turkish gov about birth control , poor kids are left on the street without socks or proper clothes as young as 3 in istanbul at nights,tragic yet their mother keep getting pregnant

  10. To all the people who think that Muslims are 'bad'

    No religion is bad and no religion is good. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, ANY RELIGION really. There have been times when all of these have been bad. In all of the religions, women have been oppressed at some point or the other. All of them have seen violence. But shall I tell you one thing? These stuff that are bad, have not occured in any religion, BUT in every country and region. It's just that every country has one thing in common: religion. So all the blame is pushed onto Religion's shoulder. While religion has originally been the good guy. Discrimination is not the feature of MOST of the religion. Discrimination is the feature of poor development. Any country that is poorly developed has a lot of inequality in it. So the problem is not with the religion, it's with the region. Arab countries are suffering the most because there development levels are worst. Then there is South Asia at the second last position and so on.
    The countries which we consider developed were also developing at some point. And at that point there were riots and problems associated with these countries. For example, the situation in Nazi Germany.
    But this all did get better, right? In the same way the Arab countries' conditions will improve too​. Just give them some time and support and definitely not hate. Stop cursing religions cause no one has the right to diss anyone's religion. Stop fighting over whether Muslims are bad or not. Cause religion does not decide how a person, it depends on which conditions that person was brought up into.
    Nobody is born monster. Monsters are made monsters. Just like how the Nazi kids were taught to hate jews. Just like how a terrorist's child would be fed vengeance and hate the moment it's born. They were innocent kids who were taught nasty stuff. Stop fighting and start being more supportive and loving.
    Let's work for a better world together 🙂

  11. Brigitte Gabriel tried to warn these people. Stats are proving she was right. The media brainwashing has proven a disaster. We judge others by our own humanity. This has proven sadly a cultural mistake. These people do not integrate with Christian society.

  12. I think everyone should unlock their doors and windows and plant a sign in their front yard: "All Welcome – anytime – especially anyone who wants to kills us for God"


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